It was 1990 when the “La Cucina dei Sapori” brand was created from an idea by Giovanni Novellini, the founder of a company specialising in meat processing. He was the driving force behind the move to give added value to products, creating a quality sauce from choice cuts of meat!


Starting with a single product, many others followed to create a varied range of fresh sauces: the iCondifreschi line of healthy and tasty sauces, fine examples of Italian cuisine made with traditional methods, just like “home made” sauces. At the same time, the production experience led to collaboration with other foodstuffs companies, especially pasta makers, making fillings for their pasta, in line with their requirements. Attention to quality and care selecting the raw materials has always been one of the principles that underpins La Cucina dei Sapori’s business, and imbuing our brands with these values is fundamental for us. 


The unstoppable creativity of Giovanni Novellini led him to create another innovative product at the end of the nineties: broth. In those days, this was an unknown market but, today, the persistence over those long years has paid off. Always using our own meats and selecting the best fresh raw materials, employing cutting edge technology but respecting the methods of home cooking, the first packages of meat and vegetable Brodoè emerged on the Italian market. Today, the range has been extended and nowalsoincludes fish broth but the research and development of the product never ends! 

The entrepreneurial drive continued and, from 2009 onwards, the “Bravo Giovanni” ready meal starters were added to the existing product line. 

Bravo Giovanni

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