We take Italian style everywhere!

It was 1990 when the “La Cucina dei Sapori” brand was created from an idea by Giovanni Novellini, the founder of a company specialising in meat processing. He was the driving force behind the move to give added value toproducts, creating a quality sauce from choice cuts of meat!

Various types of products were created, based on the careful selection of the raw materials and following the best recipes of Italian cuisine. The fresh and tasty sauces of "Condifreschi" line, the "Bravo Giovanni" ready meals, gastronomic specialities inspired by Italian tradition, the "Brodoè" broths, unique in Italy as products crafted from the best organic meats without the addition of preservatives or glutamates, the delicate "Ognidì" cream soups,rich and ready to eat, and finally the “Gioie in tavola” meat sauces for tasty and delicious side dishes.

La Cucina dei Sapori has always ensured the utmost quality and freshness of the raw materials, fully respecting the tradition of Italian cuisine. As a result, our products are also appreciated in foreign markets because good, simple things take Italian style everywhere!

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